Quality, quality, quality, it’s not just the exceptional hard Indonesians and PNGs grown at high altitude, the delicate Brazilians, or the consistent, smooth, rich Colombian beans it is also the quality of the Karmee Roast! 

Just like any chef we start with the best, freshest ingredients and then work out how to get the best flavour in a blend. Coffee needs to be alive, sweet, smooth, full of flavour with a rich mouth feel and a lingering aftertaste.  No bitterness please, that kills the taste buds.

It’s the acidity in the coffee that gives it a tang, sharpens the flavour and enhances the aroma. But too much acidity and the coffee will taste sour. For plungers, filters and percolators a bit more acidity is useful but for espresso it has to be limited. We want an espresso not a lemon.

Next is sweetness…. like fruits coffee beans have sugars, so why don’t we just keep those fabulous natural sugars and caramelise them, we don’t want to burn them by any means.  We want to roast the beans dark enough to soften the acidity but not so dark because we don’t want to burn out the scrumptious smooth caramel qualities and flavours.

It can be done, that’s our skill… the roasting has to be different for each origin, different for bean size, different again for moisture content and a bit different if it is summer or winter. It’s a fine balance that needs to be replicated on each batch. Our fully programmable roaster takes the human error out and delivers consistency……. blend after blend, batch after batch, we pride ourselves on our proven consistency.