For home use, it’s best to purchase your coffee in 250g or 500g bags with one way air valves and zip seals.

Store your bags in a cool and dry place, don’t put them in the fridge or freezer.

Heat makes the coffee sweat and increases the rate at which coffee ages. It makes the oils come to the surface where they will become rancid as exposed to air.

Coffee flavours and aromas also deteriorate when exposed to moisture, and coffee will absorb aromas from the atmosphere around it.

It is fine to leave your coffee in the bag and each time you take some coffee out, squeeze the air out of the bag and seal it with the zip.

It is always preferable to buy and keep coffee as beans so the first investment for your home cafe should be a grinder. If you don’t have a grinder you can still enjoy a top cup of coffee at home, our best advice is to buy less more often.

For commercial use your coffee will come in 1kg bags with one way air valves. Store the bags in a cool and dry place, don’t display them in a hot environment or in the sun. Towards the end of the day don’t overfill your hopper.

If you have an open bag, squeeze the air out, roll it and seal it tight with an elastic band and keep to use the next morning.

The ageing of the coffee bean is due to chemical reactions triggered by the roasting process that influence the flavour, aroma, body and crema. These reactions are quite vigorous at first and give off a lot of CO2 as a by product, it’s not at its best for drinking. The flavour is totally masked by the taste of CO2, the crema is very big with big bubbles and dissipates rapidly. The coffee beans need to rest until the amount of CO2 released is no longer overpowering but is there to carry the lovely aromas and give the coffee it’s mark of freshness.

To ensure that Karmee Coffee is always drunk at its best, we pack our coffee beans straight after roasting into special bags with one way valves that allow the CO2 to be released without oxygen penetrating the bag. We don’t want the wonderful sugars and oils to oxidise and become rancid. Before you get your bag of Karmee Coffee, it has been stored in an air-conditioned environment, at low temperature and low humidity until we feel the beans are ready to deliver a great taste.