Making Your Favourite Coffee


Whether you’d go long for a short-black, throw a part-ay for a latte or sit tight for a flat white, we all have our coffee love stories. So, to aid you in creating the optimal coffee making experience, Karmee has put together a ‘how-to’ list of the traditional favourites…and a couple on the side.

Also known as a Short Black, it is the absolute cornerstone of a good cuppa. If you do nothing else, perfect the espresso shot. A 30ml shot of coffee through the espresso machine with a thick hazel brown crema floating on top.

Fancy something soft and creamy? Then the cappuccino is perfect. Start with a shot of espresso, froth your milk, and pour it over the espresso straight away so you get a combination of liquid and frothed milk into the cup. Traditionally you are aiming for 1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk & 1/3 froth. Don’t forget to sprinkle on some chocolate powder!

Flat White
The flat white. It’s a lovely thing even though it’s not a traditional Italian coffee. Start with a third of a cup of espresso, then add two-thirds of a cup of steamed milk. The only thing you need to watch out for is the froth. Froth is the flat white’s enemy, you only want a small amount of it for presentation.

Elegant and relaxed, the latte should be served in a glass with a serviette wrapped around it to protect delicate fingers from the heat. Pour yourself a shot of espresso, making sure it’s adorned with a head of coffee crema. Steam some milk, and slowly add it to your espresso shot. Aim for about a fingers width of froth on top.

For this coffee-lover’s delight, you start with a perfectly executed, rich shot of espresso and you ‘stain’ it with milk. Remember, Macchiato means stained not flooded. Some people like cold milk some hot, some frothy some not, suit yourself.

Think chocolate. Think coffee. Think lashings of soft creamy frothed milk. Yum. Put a teaspoon of chocolate powder in a cup and let your espresso pour over it. Stir the mixture so the chocolate dissolves in the coffee and pour on your frothy steamed milk. Finally sprinkle with chocolate, and admire your handiwork.

Long Black
The thing to remember here is that you can’t let your espresso machine run until the cup is full –
unless you like burnt bitter coffee. Remember 30ml in 30seconds. So, fill your cup with1/3 to 1/2
hot water and then pour your single or double espresso over it so the crema floats on top,
mostly in tact. Add a touch of milk if you like, it will bring out some different flavours.

We learned this coffee from an old Italian roaster in San Francisco who told me that it had
become very popular at his cafe because of his Algerian regulars. Simply a double espresso  
ie. 60ml, topped up with the same volume of steamed milk and served in a small 120ml glass.
Strong, rich and creamy, it gets even better with a touch of sugar.

Irish Coffee
Pour two shots of espresso into a long glass, add a generous dash of Irish Whiskey, and sugar
to taste. Now, whip up a bit of cream to soft peaks and gently, lovingly, oh so tenderly, allow
the cream to drip from the back of a spoon. You want it to float above the dark brown coffee
like clouds on a stormy bay.