Texturing the milk


If you’re not shown how to get your milk foamed and steamed properly, you might as well be blowing bubbles through a straw. Here’s how you do it.

Get some nice cold milk and fill your jug just over a 1/3 of the way. Icy cold milk is best because you’ve got more time to get a nice texture before it gets too hot. Now turn your steam wand on for a second to get rid of any excess moisture, then lower the wand into the milk about one or two centimeters just off the centre, and give it a full blast of steam. Get the milk spinning around like a whirlpool. The hissing sound is the air being pushed into the milk. Hold the jug on an angle and practice until you find the angle. Spinning the milk is the secret to getting froth that’s silky and creamy without a mass of big dry bubbles.

Everything pretty much happens by itself from here. As the level of the milk rises in your jug due the milk getting frothed try to keep the steamer submerged so you don’t here the hissing sound anymore (otherwise you’ll get lot’s of bubbles) and just keep spinning the milk until it gets to temperature. The right temperature is about 65 Celsius which is about the same as the threshold your skin can handle. As you are frothing the milk slowly take your hand on and off the bottom of the jug until you want to take it off, that’s the temperature. Any further and the milk will scald. Make sure you turn off the steam before taking the wand out, and voila!

If you want to make the milk dense and smooth bang the base of your jug on the counter a few times to pop any larger bubbles and swirl the milk up and around the sides of the jug, you should see it take on a glassy sheen (if all has gone well).