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If you fell in love with those velvety rich espressos’ that you had on your last Italian holiday, this one is for you. A Northern Italian style blend that’s naturally sweet because of the specialty grade Brazilian coffee we use as the base.


The coffee undergoes a special process at the estate by which the natural sugars of the flesh of the coffee cherries permeates the beans, enhancing its sweetness and body. We then roast the Brazil in our own special way retain all those precious sugars. It takes care and patience but that’s what Karmee is all about. A dark roasted Guatemalan coffee balances out the softness of the Brazil with its deep caramel notes and syrupy body. A delicate Costa Rican coffee adds an almondy aroma and a special Indonesian coffee lifts the blend with its strong berry aroma. There’s a lot in this blend and it’s a different style to all our other blends. Rich, nutty, malty and full bodied

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