Mocha Arabica


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A blend of five Arabica coffees, the Mocha Arabica combines two estate-quality Central Americans, a rare Indonesian that comes with a certificate of authenticity, a top-shelf Indian and our old friend the Colombian Supremo. We roast all the beans together, allowing them to rub against each other, absorbing each others oils and aromatics, to achieve a seamless marriage of flavours.


The Indian coffee takes the lead in this blend, with its enormous body and unique dark-cocoa flavour and texture. And although the Nicaraguan adds to the mocha quality of the blend, it’s a different chocolate quality; softer, with a touch of vanilla, like comparing a dark chocolate with a milk chocolate. The blend is so concentrated that it almost, but not quite, covers up its enormous complexity. Whereas some blends almost fly out of the cup, the Mocha Arabica definitely lives at the deeper end of the spectrum.

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