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This is a delightful blend where eight of the finest Arabica beans, including a PNG peaberry as well as an Indian peaberry, have been blended to create a unique creamy cup that bursts with caramel and fudge flavours.


A peaberry is a natural bean formation where instead of two beans developing inside the cherry only one bean forms. The beans are smaller and more intense because the flavour that normally goes into two beans now goes into only one bean. Only about 3% of the coffee crop are peaberries and they need to be sorted out, so its very special stuff.

We also use a super premium grade of Costa Rican coffee from the ‘La Lapa’ estate which has a unique almondy quality that lifts the aromatics of the blend. The aroma is complex, nutty and fruity explaining the deliciously sweet and tangy taste that lingers on. An outstanding espresso, smooth but almost inky in body, roasted in a slow artisan fashion to deliver an unforgettable coffee experience.

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