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This is an elegant blend that’s a sure fire crowd pleaser. It’s smooth, soft, rich and full bodied without the dark roast bite.

The Colombian coffee sets the tone with its butter and caramel flavours. A healthy dose of a Honduran coffee grown from the traditional Bourbon Arabica variety brings complexity into the blend. Bourbons are not the easiest or most productive Arabica variety to grow but they are highly prized for their velvety body and complex flavour profile. A citrus blossom quality really comes through and helps to lift the aromatics of the blend.

All together we use eight different coffees in this blend which helps maintain consistency. This is the easiest and most forgiving of the blends to prepare on an espresso machine because of its balance. The Venetian blend has done really well outside the CBD with more relaxed clients and in restaurants after meals. Because it’s not confronting but still a satisfying latte, customers can easily enjoy just one more cup to keep chasing that lovely flavour on a sunny Sunday morning.

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